At Fait, we know a thing or two about our clients, the properties we serve, and the property maintenance services industry. That’s why we’ve put together a selection of services dedicated to providing your property with constant support, reliability, and year-round excellence. Our property maintenance services provide ongoing support for any all all properties; commercial & residential.



Hiring Fait to service your commercial property or residential complex takes all your landscaping and maintenance worries off the table. Offices need to look fresh in the spring, pristine in the summer and clean in the fall. Not to mention the winter months, where workers and customers need a clear parking lot, and walkways that don’t require snow boots!

At Fait, we design custom packages that cater to the specific needs of the property. Our combination of tailored maintenance, unmatched customer relations, and turnkey service means your property will look its best every day of the year.



Do you love looking at your beautifully manicured lawn in the summer but struggle to find the time needed for upkeep? What about getting to work during the winter and not having time to clear your driveway? Well, we’ve got you covered.

With longer work hours, much-needed family time and increasingly busy schedules, homeowners have less time to cut their lawn, trim their shrubs or shovel snow. And that’s okay, because we make it easy for you to spend your time on what’s important to you.

We’ve design a personalized year-round maintenance package for your home you’ll be sure to love. We’re here to give you the hassle-free, beautiful lawn that you’ve been dreaming about.


Quality, Guaranteed

Our trained staff is fully licensed, insured, and always ready to help. Like our clients, we have high expectations, and award performance-based incentives
to ensure our workforce is at the top of their game for each visit.

No Money Down Required!

Have you been putting off your kitchen renovation project because you don’t have the funds to pay for it up front? Kozlov.Financial Services can help! We offer a no money down option with affordable monthly payments that allows you to build your renovation into your budget!

Please visit the Financing Options section of our website for more information.