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Outside Waterproofing Corner Shower Seamless Membrane Corner Polyethylene Corner for Bathtub and Steam Room (4 Pieces)


  • The package includes: You will get 4 pieces of outside Waterproofing Corner, which is a soft waterproofing membrane strip that can be applied for waterproofing corners in bathrooms and showers, with good waterproofing performance
  • Quality material: The Waterproofing Membrane Corner is made of quality Polyethylene, and both sides of it are covered with fixed flannel, can effectively waterproof, and prevent corners from leaking, or prevent corners from being corroded by water
  • Clever design: The Preformed Waterproofing Membrane is cleverly designed, and the Right angle design allows the product to fit seamlessly into the corner of the bathroom, so there is no need to cut the product to fit the cumbersome area.
  • Simple installation: The Preformed Seamless Corners can be easily installed in the corner you need to install, and can be fixed in place with thin mortar.
  • Widely applicable: The outside Waterproofing Corner has a very low water vapor permeability, making it a nice waterproofing membrane for shower, bathtub, and steam room installation. It can also be applied in other areas such as the kitchen, washbasin corner, and balcony