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Moen M-CORE 3-Series Mixing Valve with 3 or 6-Function Integrated Transfer Valve with Crimp Ring PEX Connections and Stops, U362XS


  • USE WITH TWO OR THREE SHOWERING DEVICES: Integrated M-CORE Transfer Valves can control 2 or 3 showering devices, a simple transfer cartridge modification changes the valve’s flow from two outlets to three outlets
  • FUNCTIONS: When using 2 showering devices, the valve has 2 independent and 1 shared function; When using 3 showering devices, the valve has 3 independent and 3 shared functions
  • IMPORTANT: When using 3 Showering Devices, the transfer valve cartridge must be modified. Simple Cartridge Modification changes the valves flow from two outlets to three outlets. See Transfer Valve Instructions for additional information.
  • IMPORTANT: When using 2 Showering Devices, designated outlet 3 must be CAPPED. Caps are sold separately.
  • PRESSURE-BALANCING CAPABILITY: M-CORE valves, with new 3-Series trim, have pressure-balancing capabilities designed to control temperature fluctuations in the event of water pressure changes in the home
  • VOLUME CONTROL: Features volume control, allowing you to adjust the flow of water for greater functionality
  • VERSATILE DESIGN: M-CORE’S adaptability allows the valves to be roughed in with the option of functionality and style changes that don’t require removing or changing the valve(s)